Company History

HalloHealth Ltd was founded at Dhaka on 2017 with the aim to supply quality to Science. From its headquarters in prime location of Bangladesh HalloHealth is reinventing the supply of Life Science reagents and services to Bangladeshi Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Food industries. HalloHealth specialises in sourcing lab equipment, apparatus, chemicals and consumables from the widest range of manufacturers. In addition to our local extensive stock, we maintain stock in our international office in UK, to dispatch laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables to you from across the entire world with shortest possible time interval.

Leader in Cold Chain Supply

Importing biological products at controlled temperatures is extremely difficult. Recognising the importance of this to the scientific community, HalloHealth’s mission is to make it achievable by maintaining cold chain door to door. Our reputation quickly grew for being able to import anything, reliably and safely.

We fulfil our Mission

• Providing Pharmaceuticals industry with modern and personal approaches for to the supply of research reagents and biological agents.

• Developing innovative solutions with our international supplier’s network.

• Commitment to work sincerely in accordance with our promise that “no one does more for the customer”.

• Versatile ranges of quality reagents and kits.

• A unique personal service and support designed with the researcher in mind.

• Value for money, always competitive.

• Fastest delivery in Bangladesh from International suppliers.